Luisito wants to eat and study

Your book donations, and computer are fundamental to the cultural development of the peoples.


The CHILDREN WITH GAPS (síndrome Down, autistic, blindness, paralyzed, …) AND EXTREMELY POOR are overlooked by Latin America and Africa.

With the value of 10€ a month, in addition to eating every day,Luisito go to school, have books, school supplies and support needed. With your donation you can integrate into society and be a happy child.

Thousands of children with an uncertain future. Their physical or mental, coupled with the extreme poverty they live, make it impossible for social integration. Families can barely feed them, much less give training and support. Its end is likely malnutrition,the street and begging.

Direct assistance, inclusion programs linked to, objectives defined by the full social integration of these children.

It develops simultaneously, three work:

A.- Direct assistance, with patronage
B.- Social Inclusion, through libraries and cultural centers
C.- Training and jobs, productive projects



1º.- Patrons of a different child, 10 € a month

2º.- Special message cost (1,20 €), programs for children and

In both cases become part of Altamiros and get huge benefits: appreciation of the social network and our Mutual Aid Program

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You can also donate music instruments (Violins, flutes, violas, etc), as the company has recently made of Violins old violinesdelalma.